hurricane harvey

Dear Pastors and Leaders of our DRUBA churches,

     All of us are moved with great concern and compassion as we see the situation caused by Hurricane Harvey in greater Houston and all parts of the Texas coastal area. Many in our Association have loved ones and friends that live in the affected areas.  


     I read an update posted on internet Tuesday afternoon by Tom Billings who serves as Director of Missions in the Union Baptist Association which includes Houston. Following is an excerpt from Brother Billings’ update: “The rain continues. Conditions change hourly. It's hard for folks outside of the Houston area to know what it is like here. Our communities and our churches are doing tremendous work. Neighbors are helping neighbors. Churches and schools are serving as shelters for the thousands of evacuees that need a place to stay. Groups are self-organizing and finding ways to help. It's amazing to see this all happen. Many calls, emails, text messages, FB posts, etc., have come in from people wanting to help, wanting to know what they can do. Sincerely, thank you. 

     There are some things you can do now: (1) pray, (2) donate to reputable agencies that will direct the funds to those who need it, and (3) those who have been trained as disaster relief workers come when you are called.

     The tyranny of the urgent compels us to want to do something immediately. I appreciate that, but resist it for now! Let those trained in rescue do their job. You probably can't get here anyway. The airports are closed. There are over 300 high water points on the roads. Entry into the city is blocked on many of our major arteries. It won't always be that way, but it is for now. There will be plenty of opportunities to help in the near future. We will need you in abundance then and for months and months to come. “

     I found the overview given by Brother Billings to be very helpful, especially his suggestions about what we can do now. Please note that I put those suggestions in bold print.

     I have received a number of telephone calls from churches in our Association inquiring about possible ways that help can be channeled. There are some in the Association that are leaving this week to take part in immediate relief efforts in Rockport and Houston. Others have expressed a desire to contribute financially to the relief effort. The Association is prepared to receive donations to be joined with other gifts and be sent as they are designated. Churches and individuals that desire their donations to be sent to Southern Baptist of Texas Convention Disaster Relief please make the check to the Association and earmark it for SBTC Disaster Relief. Others that want their gifts to be channeled through Texas Baptist Men of the Baptist General Convention of Texas please make the check to the Association and earmark it for BGCT Disaster Relief. The Association wants to help in any way we can. 

     Let us all continue to pray for all who have been so greatly affected by this disaster and then lovingly act as the Holy Spirit gives us guidance.

By His Grace,

Tommy Larner

Director of Missions

Del Rio-Uvalde Baptist Association